What can I do if my drobo becomes faulty?


Hi all I was wondering if I could please get some advice.

I’m a very satisfied Drobo 5N owner and have been ever since I purchased my device over 3 years ago.

As my Drobo 5N is getting on I started to wonder what would happen if it decided to basically die on me.

My hope has always been that a hard drive would fail ahead of the Drobo, but as you can never tell these days I thought it would be worth asking the question and see what is the best course of action is to ensure the data I have on my drobo is secure for future use.



Buy another and push the data to it BEFORE your primary unit dies.
There is an app for that!

I am currently waiting for support to give me something to do to resolve an issue with mine.
Dropped the mount to the file system and won’t mount.


current timestamp 4 days, 10 hours…

There has been a bit of dialog, some replacement firmware to fix the non SSH access and a couple of commands but still waiting.
Yes, I have Drobocare on my 6 month old B810N with 8 x 8TB drives in it.


The end result (not provided via Drobo care) was to to SSH to the Drobo
(firmware was provided by Drobocare after a couple of days to permit SSH access as I was locked out of root)

  1. Clone the drives in your Drobo to ensure you have a copy of the data.
    Run e2fsck to repair (with options)
    Answer Y at all the prompts.
    Once the check is complete, reboot.
    If the file system comes up.
    BACKUP your data now
    Once everything is backed up, I would clean and replace the firmware manually on the Drobo.

I was fortunate, I didn’t lose any data and had sufficient space to shift my data once it came up.
Todays task (2 weeks to the day) will be to clean the Drobo update firmware and remove and reinstall the Drobo desktop app.
Basically start clean and then put my data back.
It is quicker (under Windows) to use xcopy to transfer the files than using anything with a gui.
I was fortunate that I have a friend that uses Linux in the way that I use Win.
(don’t need a mouse to operate tasks)