What are your impressions of firmware 1.1.4

Hi folks,

I am one of the people who reported severe performance issues on my Pro unit. I have now completed the upgrade to 1.1.4 and after a full power cycle now have improved performance.

My question to you all is do you think its good enough?

Although I am seeing fairly consistent data transfer rates in the region of 50 - 60MB/sec the throughput still suffers from very big dips and stalls on large file transfers…

If you are regularly writing or moving around video files in the hundreds of MB - GB sizes the problems are very apparent. Smaller file transfer of 100MB or less seem to be unaffected.

What do you all see? Is this good enough? Is this something that can be addressed or improved or is it a physical limitation with the device (not enough memory for cache or something)?

Also for those people who never suffered performance issues do your units exhibit these dips and stalls in transfer speeds?

Does anyone have any experience of using the PRO with significant concurrent access streams - how does it perform in this situation?

Although the PRO I have no scrapes a pass for fit for purpose I am still far from happy with the units performance. I am still very disappointed that the units status and error reporting are completely closed. These things must be considered before I would consider purchasing any further DRI products.


I did the update last week and still have the same stalls even though overall things are better. During a copy of a 28GB Acronis image my Pro locked up on me requiring a reboot. Then there’s the issue of Server 2003 not always mounting the iSCSI target on startup so Drobo doesn’t always come up shared when rebooting for security updates.

I’ve given up and with next years budget I’m getting a server with build in RAID and going that route. Enterprise SATA drives are pretty cheep now a days so I’ll get as much as I can afford. I’ll use Drobo Pro for an offsite backup I have planned. It won’t have a data rate any higher then 30mb/sec so hopefully I won’t see those stalls.

I lost a drive on my Pro last week and didn’t once get an email from Dashboard. Same thing happened to me at home on my Drobo 2. Has this ever worked for any of you? My test emails do work.

Yeah, warning emails work fine, but for that to be the only information is just poor. I want to see live status in Dashboard with real information in there. Proper diagnostics. What we have at the moment is just not acceptable in a professional device. Having to contact support for a reason why the device is relaying out a drive or not accepting a drive is just plain stupid.

To be fair to DRI their support has been very good, but it doesn’t mean I want to have to talk to them to get basic status from my device!

i think more info is coming in n dashboard update

my pro seems to be behaving on large file trasnfers too (all 10GB+ files)

So no dips and stalls? Or is it like mine where the overall average is good, but the transfer is still very bursty.

I also have some wishes regarding a better dashboard. my drobopro seem to work fine with the new firmware but then i didnt really had any problem with the previous version.

and re: good support, ive tried the support once and the reply i got, i dont really know what to say… ive never seen such ignorance in my life, they would have done them self a favor by not sending me an answer at all. over all, i like my drobopro and will probably get another one one day.

Hi Docchris,

For this to be really workable, the update for more informative alerts needs to be in the firmware, not the dashboard. The DroboPro needs to be able to directly send alerts and status updates even when no PC is connected to it via dashboard.


Well, if you set it up for VMWare ESX storage, you CAN’T run dashboard at all while it’s attached to the ESX server. It’s absolutely unacceptable to put a storage device in a production environment where it serves storage to critical virtualization servers but you can’t monitor it. The fact that DroboPro ACTUALLY got VMWare Certified completely dumbfounds me in light of this. What were they (VMWare) thinking?

that is a huge oversight - that will never affect me :slight_smile:

Hey Caver,

Can you elaborate a little bit on this? Ignorance as in rudeness? Or ignorance as in living under a rock?

First, the person had problem reading the information that i submitted, i would guess he probably just read half of it. And then giving me the recommendation to restart a server to “solve” a problem, and when i pointed that restarting servers to solve a issue with their software is not an preferred option i where told to update my dashboard to the latest version. Well updating the dashboard could have been a solution, but if someone had took the time to read the ticket i submitted he would have seen that Ive tried both the previous and the most resent version with the same result.

I also want to point out this is the .EU support.

I hate it when its obvious they have only read the first line of an e-mail before rolling out stock “solutions”

I do understand why this happens from time to time, lack of using methods like ITIL or any other CRM implementations, just whacking things around as you go is not how things should be done in 2009, also i must say. for the last few years I’ve been working withing a service organisation myself, providing service and support for somewhat about 30.000 computers and thousands of servers. So i know poor CRM handling when i see it.

Any case that is opened, the CRM automatically generates an initial response with links to different KB articles based on the key words in your email.

After that we read over the case when we get assigned the case from our queue.

How is this unit attached?

USB? FIrewire? Iscsi?

[quote=“caver, post:10, topic:879”]I also want to point out this is the .EU support.
The .EU support is terrible. They are obviously there to take some load off the US support, but they seem to have 1/4 of their knowledge.
Obviously, sharing the same CRM tools and knowledge base is not enough.
A pity, since the Drobo cost in Europe is much higher than in the States, to get such an inferior support.

[quote=“Docchris, post:11, topic:879”]
I hate it when its obvious they have only read the first line of an e-mail before rolling out stock “solutions”
[/quote]Yes, this is very frustrating and occurs with every single initial contact to support and I’m not talking about the CRM generated suggestions.

I specifically said that I’m running a certain version of dashboard, firmware or OS and I get a reply saying that I should update to that version I am already running. I specifically say that I tried to see if I had the problem under firewire or usb and I get a response asking if I could try swapping to usb/firewire and see if I have the same problem. I say that I’m running a 32 bit processor and get a question about whether or not I’m running a 64 bit OS because it has this or that problem.

It takes me 3-4 back and fourth emails of me answering questions that I already answered plainly in my initial email.

You can also call support at 866-426-4280 between 6am and 6pm PST if you feel email is not the best support solution for you. We are happily awaiting your call.