What are the causes of a loud fan on the Drobo NAS products (in general)?


When thinking about diagnosing the cause of a loud fan on a drobo NAS product (in general), what are the potentional causes?

I have thought / read of previously:

[]The fan is loud at baseline
]The bearing is going bad on the fan
[*]a drive is loose in the machine (not sure how this causes a loud fan), but others have reported this

Thank you,

Most likely just a worn fan. Most computer fans (which Drobo uses) have sleeve bearings and are the cheapest to build. There’s a few threads in the forums detailing how to replace the fan.

If it is loud… with a worn bearing… how long until it breaks?

It will most likely spin for a long time…longer than you could stand the noise. I’ve never actually seen one stop rotating because of a worn bearing.