Western Digital WD10EARS

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Yeah, we don’t work on the weekends sorry.

For the customers I have had on the phone who inserted the 4k Sector drives before updating firmware, we were seeing performance issues and even reboot loops.

I had them shut down their drobo, unplug data cable then power, unseat all drives.
Boot up empty drobo.
Apply firmware.
Shut down properly again, then reseat all drives.

No reboot loop or issues after doing that.

that seems very strange that it can cope without having to adjust anything.

or maybe it background optimises the drives ? (the like WD align utility for putting XP onto 4k drives)

I agree that sounds a bit odd. I would have expected it would need to reformat the 4k drives.

Then again DataRobotics does keep its algorithms secret :slight_smile:

I am not sure what you guys are on about but I purchased a WD cavier green 1.5tb drive for my QNAP. I have moved away from drobo now and in the qnap had three seagates and the WD. To be frank the performance from teh QNAP was abysmal and I thought I had jumped from the frying pan into the fire. But looking at the qnap I noticed that the Cavier slot was flashing all the time.

On the QNAP forum there is a lot of threads about these drives and long and short is I pulled it, immediately even in degraded mode the QNAP trebled in speed.

Apparently someone contacted WD about this and their response was these drives are consumer drives not designed for Raiding or NASes.

Make of that what you will. I am using mine in a caddy now where it performs fine, but for any type of NAS device I have decided to steer clear.

I upgraded the firmware to 1.3.6. [color=#0000CD]AFTER INSTALLING[/color] the WD15EARS and loading data. So its too late to do your suggestion.

What I did do is from the Drobo Dashboad - Was a factory reset and reformatted
[color=#0000CD]BUT [/color]I did do this while the drives where still in the Drobo and seated.

[color=#FF4500][size=medium]Question is[/size][/color] Was this enough or was it the wrong way to fix any issuue and do I need to do another procedure [size=medium]?[/size]

Reformatting is perfectly fine.

The above was for customers who were having issues. Like reboot loops and that had NOT updated their firmware.

What data transfer rates should I be expecting on Firewire 800?

I am getting 70GB hour at the moment.
19.7M/S I think that translates to.

It sounds a bit low to your specs.

@skritter, what kind of drobo are you on? are you on a mac or pc?

24 iMac 2.16 GHz Dual Core (3 years old) Mac OS X 10.6.3 (Snow Leopard)
Brand New Drobo V2
Firewire 800

Edit: Spelling Mistake correction (To keep Docchris happy)

Dual = two

Duel = to fight with swords or guns at 10 paces etc…

Up to 50 MB/s read.
Up to 45 MB/s Write.

So Jennifer is mine to slow at 70GB/hour or not?

Could there be a 4k issue with my drives. I have had no other problems. I am just new to this an want to know I am set up right., right from the start.

As I said earlier I set up my system with the 4K drives and loaded data while on the old firmware before I read any of these posts. After reading these posts, I downloaded the firmware ant did a factory reset and format all while the drives where still in the drobo. All I want to know is a direct answer. Is my drobo know set up properly for me to use properly.

Your simple answer above indicates I am getting slow read/write speeds.

Please open a support case.

So to recap, now that I have updated to 1.3.6 on my Drobo, I will be able to install a 4k drive without having to worry about jumper settings or alignment and it will function at full capacity/speed?

yes, as long as you have 1.3.6 just pop your 4k drives in without worrying :slight_smile: