Western Digital Caviar Green Drives Redux

Yesterday I was contacted by a representative of Western Digital who informed me that their Caviar Green drives are in fact suitable for use in Drobo products. He said their tier 1 customer support agent had technically given me the wrong answer. Apparently they use an abundance of caution when suggesting drives for use in certain RAID environments. The suggestion that I use enterprise drives would have been appropriate if I were in a corporate setting rather than as a small business user. This was welcome news given that I’m now running eight such drives – 4 in my Drobo and another 4 in a RAID.

Now I need to say something about customer service in America.

Until my Drobo drive issue and my experience yesterday with Western Digital (still in progress) I thought customer service was dead in America. I stand corrected.

First, while my data fell victim of a drive failure, Doug, the DRI employee who was helping me troubleshoot the issue, was an outstanding individual who took time to hear my woes and tried very hard to help. His attempts and support are testament to the staff at DRI and to their commitment to good customer service.

Second, Reed, the individual from Western Digital that took time to call me last night put my issue to rest by assuring me that my drive warranty would be honored despite what the tier 1 support agent had said. He was helpful, polite and went to great length to ensure that I was taken care of and happy. If my memory serves he said I’d be “…more than taken care of …” I applaud Reed and Western Digital for taking this unusual step.

After the events of the past month I’m able to say that DRI and WD have earned my respect, my business and my loyalty. I applaud both companies for their dedication to positive customer relations and support. They’re in a class by themselves.

glad to hear its sorted


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From the start I always said that I was only sharing information that came directly from WD. That fact has always been lost on you.

No, i got it, my point has always been that you were mis-informed, that seemed to have been lost on you.

Eitherway hopefully you can now get your dead drive replaced and sleep easy knowing that your WD GP drives have been fully tested by DRI :D[hr]
you should probably also go and edit your other post… maybe get rid of the mis-information thats still there in bright red bold block capitals?

I was all set to congratulate you on being mature enough to admit you were wrong in this new thread mobile…but alas, nope, still a numbnutz.

Those of us that have been running green drives in our DROBOs for YEARS already knew you had no clue - now everyone else does too. Bye.

Looks like I need a new can of Troll-Be-Gone.

Let’s recap how we reached this juncture …

  1. Factually communicated information given to me by a Western Digital service rep.

  2. Attacked for sharing that information in a forum filled with incendiary characters.

  3. Drobo disciples pushed up post count in the original thread causing DRI to reach out to WD who, in turn, corrected statements made by another WD employee and vowed to honor hard drive warranty.

  4. Again attacked for sharing factual information.

The best part is the infantile comments like “coughitoldyouso” and similar. Why someone would consider such comments to cause others to listen is beyond me.[hr]

Your parents must be proud. Or incarcerated.

That’s enough from all of you. Either drop this or action will be taken, possible bans from DroboSpace for a period of time may be issued.