Weird Problem with Drobo 4D

Hi All,

Since a couple of weeks, my old Drobo 4D with Firewire 800 is shutting down spontaneous at least once a day. Sometimes more.
What happens? After functioning just fine for a lot of hours, suddenly every light of the drobo turns from green to red, and a few second later, the drobo shuts down.
After a few seconds more, the Drobo starts again by itself and rebuilds the disk.
It mounts again on the desktop of my Mac mini with OS X 10.7.5. Every light on the drobo is green, and i have full acces to my data. So nothing is lost.
Only 10 or 15 or 23 hours later, the same thing happens again. And now for so many weeks all together that i’m beginning to worry about my data.
What can be wrong? I can feel the fan still working, but maybe the drobo system gets overheated?
I have the latest firmware on my drobo, and also the latest version of Drobo Dashboard. The Drobo is visible and accessible on the desktop. But i can no longer see my drobo in Dashboard. I get this popup. (A required portion of Drobo Dashboard is no longer running. Please relaunch Drobo Dashboard to correct the issue etc. etc.) I did a reinstall of the dashboard software, but no difference here.
Please help if anyone knows what could be the case?
J. Buller, The Netherlands

You may have failing drives, I recommend you backup your data when it is still accessible.

Try a clean uninstallation, reboot Mac, reinstallation, reboot Mac, to see whether this helps resolving the detection issue.