webfsd - a fast, simple http file server

This is a simple and fast http server for mostly static content. You can use it to serve the contents of your Drobo(s) via http.

webfs (a.k.a webfsd) does not have a configuration file, just a few command line switches.

The command line options provided by default in webfs-start.sh will serve the contents of /mnt/DroboShares, if you want to change the directory that is served, simply change the path after the -r switch.

To access you files via a web browser simply enter http://drobo_share_ip:8000 - if you want to use an alternate port then add a -p [port] command line switch in webfs-start.sh

Additional Information:
Who is it for?: Everybody
Experience Level: Novice
Project Source: http://linux.bytesex.org/misc/webfs.html

Author: Paul_Rudkin
Version: 1.21
License/Price: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
Requirements: DroboShare fireware v1.1.1 or later