WebDAV - Mac/Drobo

I’m a brand new DroboPro owner and am loving the nearly endless data I now have access to. I’m finishing up moving all of my data over to the DP and have founds some good solutions for accessing the DP on my iPad via ZumoCast and possibly Air Sharing HD (still need to test this out)

But - I’d love to be able to access my DP as a WebDAV server so I can use it with the iWorks apps on the iPad and other apps that hook into WebDAV.

What would be the easiest most effective way to turn a Drobo/DroboPro into a WebDAV server when hooked into a Mac running Snow Leopard?

You’d need to configure Apache on your Mac to support WebDAV. It’s a non-trivial exercise as you will need to use Terminal or an editor to change the Apache configuration files. Google will be your best friend for this.

To share Mac iWork with the iWork iPad apps you can use MobileMe and share them directly. There is also an iWork sharing service that is currently free (might be in beta) that does much the same thing. MobileMe is $70 per year (could be cheaper on Amazon) but you won’t need to mess with Apache and WebDAV unless you like that sort of thing.

Okay - so there isn’t a simple easy way to turn a Drobo into a WebDAV then?

No. Drobo and Drobo Pro are just attached storage and doesn’t have a networking stack to support acting as a web server. The sole exceptions might be the Drobo FS and Drobo Pro FS. Maybe. And then only if someone has ported Apache and that port supports enabling WebDAV.