Web hosting on Drobo FS

Hi, I’ve recently purchased the Drobo FS and installed the Apache web server, which works fine for static html and php.

I don’t suppose there is a way that you can run other scripted languages on the Drobo such as ASP.NET or Ruby on Rails (either in Apache or the Lighttpd). I believe it’s possible to get ASP.NET running on a normal linux box with a version of Apache, but I’ve never done it and don’t know how difficult it is, and if the same applies to the Drobo.

I’m not really all that experienced with linux, haven’t used it in years, and even then it was only part of a University course.

If anyone has info on if this is possible and how, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Just realised I’ve probably posted this in the wrong topic, didn’t notice there was one just for DroboApps, apologies

I have managed to install PERL and configure it to allow the use of CGI scripts from apache.

All that was required was to ensure that apache had the correct library path for the PERL shared libraries. I suppose this would be possible for other languages/interpreters but you would need to have a version capable of running on the Drobo FS. For this you will have to compile it yourself or find another member of this forum that is able to help.