WD Green drives not Drobo compatible

I populated my DroboS with 4 WD 2 TB Green drives WD20EARS.
After about 2 months, one drive (in slot 1) failed. I sent than for RMA and replaced it with another WD20EARS which I purchased. Now another (also in slot 1) has failed.

I came across this at WDC.

discussion here…

It appears WD Green drives aren’t compatible with RAIDs. Like Drobo.

So which is a preferred model amongst users here?

WD green ARE compatible with drobo.

DRI even bundle them with drobo.

Wow, thanks for telling me. I guess the 4 that I’ve had in my DROBO for the last 3.5 years non stop are all bad and I didn’t even know it.

from the OP’s own link:

Note: There are a few cases where the manufacturer of the RAID controller have designed their cards to work with specific model Desktop drives. If this is the case you would need to contact the manufacturer of that controller for any support on that drive while it is used in a RAID environment.

Drobo is one of those

I’ve got thirteen of these drives in two DROBO units and no problems whatsoever.

One drive died within the first week (was DOA and not the DROBO’s fault), I got a replacement and life goes on.

Well, hasn’t this issue come up at least 10-15 times in the last two years?

Yep, plenty of idiots.

yeah there’s already about a 5 threads solely about this

Yes, but in all these threads, it has never been established that the lack of TLER is not the main culprit behind the drives that Drobo finds faulty while they pass all the tests when standing alone. Actually, it still remains the main suspect, since a Drobo has no way to judge the faults of a drive, except when the I/O fails outright or when it takes too long.
On that subject as on many others (performance…) Data Robotics has been less than candid, so it is not surprising those issues refuse to die…

actually in the main thread about this (if you can call it this) DRI explicitly stated that there is no problem on using desktop GP drives in drobo.

thats pretty much the end of the conversation.