WD "Certifies" Changes of GP Drive Idle Timeout

In researching the problem of Load Cycle COunts on the GP drives that insist on parking their heads every 8 seconds, I ran across this thread in WD’s Community forum where user Bill_S, apparently a WD company rep, acknowledged that they do approve of the use of the wdidle3.exe program for use on GP drive.

On page 2 of the preceding link he links to this KB article listing most GP drives (but interestingly bot the 3TB drives).

I’ve never been excited to update drive firmware in a way that WD specifically says not to do in their wdidle3.exe download page. So I was happy to unearth that.

I have a drive on my server with over 90K LCC’s in less than 2 years of up time. I have no idea why, since adjacent drives doing more or less the same duties have more like 10K.

Now all I have to do is figure out a way to get that sily program booted in a DOS environment on a machine that can read plugged in SATA drives. It’s not a very well thought out program. Seagate does a much better job of this, incorporating it in their diagnostic tools that can be used in a standard Windows environment.

It recently me consider switching drive vendors, just over all the annoyances. But I guess we should be thankful for small bones thrown out way via that KB, which at least eliminates some warranty concerns I had, among other things.

Thanks for that! It’s more of a parameter change than a full firmware modification, but definitely helps to have some official WD stance.

FWIW, WDIdle3 v1.05 works fine on the WD30EZRX drives I got recently. Be sure to get v1.05 (or newer) as earlier versions don’t set things correctly.

I have a small (128MB) bootable USB stick that has Ghost 2003, WDIdle3 and other DOS-only stuff on it.
(I used HP Drive Key Boot Utility and DOS boot disk from BootDisk.com)

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Hi Brandon,

I did not mean to imply that wdidle3 is a “firmware update”, but merely that it “updates (something in) the existing firmware”. My concern was merely that tampering in any way, including resetting a simple variable as is being done here, when the drive maker expressly says not to do that, might not be a good idea :slight_smile:

I tried to run the HP program you linked to, but it would not run on my Win 7 64 bit system. Complained about “OS not supported” or something like that. Haven’t had a chance to try it on an older XP machine, or maybe Win7 32 bit. I used a program that I found on the net, with HP credentials although I would rather get a copy straight from HP’s site.

It is unfortunate that WD, still to this day, has contradictory information posted to their site. None of these hi-tech makers can seem to get even the simplest and most basic, and most important things right.

I did a survey of my Drobo drives the past few days, pulling them and checking the SMART stats in HDTune. All my Drobo drives had approximately 8-10 LCC’s per hour of power on time. So a drive with 1000 hours up time might have 8,000 - 10,000 LCC’s.

One of my WD GP JBOD drives in my Sans Digital box has 634,000 LCC’s, or over twice the specified max. That drive only has about 14,000 hours on it, so it hit it’s specified max in about a year or less, and is apparently being accessed about 45 times per hour. I probably go into it less than once per day but I can’t speak for the software on my boxes.

I just bought a set of 3TB WD30EZRX GP drives for my JBOD setup. While doing initial tests I put over 1,000 LCCs on the drives inside of about 15 hours or so. I had just downloaded HDTune Pro because the old free HDTune V2.55 does not work properly with >2TB drives. The paid version, by default, interrogates the smart status of the drives once per minute, so it was un-parking the drives once per minute. It was good that I noticed this and changed the default to basically disable the auto update (which has no importance to me at the moment).

Two other drives in the Sans Digital box, doing about the same thing as that one problem drive, did not have excessive LCCs (generally less than 1 per power on hour). The 4th drive has about 92K LLC’s. I have no idea why they are so different and I have a life. I don’t want to spend a hundred hours monitoring my system and digging around to find the culprit. Or maybe it’s the same Windows process (PID 4) that never lets me actually safely remove anything.

The Sans Digital box needs a Web based Raid Utility to monitor smart data. Software like HDTune can’t see it. That’s fine but it only monitors 3 of the 4 drives and guess which one had the 634K LCC’s? I once asked them about that but they told me that due to limitations of the SMART standard it would be impossible to monitor that 4th drive. What BS.

And, after all that, Sans Digital did not bother to display the Smart Data value, only the stupid 0-200 score. So there is no way to monitor actual values without ripping everything out of the box, which is why I never noticed the 92K number as it was building in it’s earlier life.

I set most of my always online drives to 300 seconds although I’m not sure 5 minutes is long enough to solve my problem. On the other hand, since most of those drives are in either small enclosures or used in a BlacX dock, and subject to getting bumped in normal use, a little head parking is not a bad idea. So surely I will end up doing all this at least one more time, depending on what I see on some subsequent monitoring.

Hmm, according to my home machine, I have SP27213 installed (HP Windows Format Utility for USB Drive Key or DiskOnKey), but I seem to have Version 2.00.006 Rev. B from 2004, referenced here (unfortunately download links don’t work anymore).

[quote=“NeilR, post:4, topic:39778”]It is unfortunate that WD, still to this day, has contradictory information posted to their site. None of these hi-tech makers can seem to get even the simplest and most basic, and most important things right.[/quote]Indeed, seems like many manufacturers forget how to put themselves in their customer’s shoes.

My 2TB WD2001FASS (Caviar Black) drives have ~15K hours and ~275K LCCs.

About once every 6 months, I shut down the Drobos, pull the drives and hook them up to my Dell FreeNAS to pull the SMART parameters.

its intereting stuff.
i’ll find out some more about some WD drives i have.

Neil here are some thoughts i had from you post above…

  • maybe if you access something say once a day, it doesnt necessarily mean that “something else” is not accessing data at different times. eg automatic processes/scanning/indexing/windows thumbnail icon database rebuild etc etc.
    (you might remember the long wait whenever you minimised a win9x to desktop, or pressed f5 to refresh the desktop and it rearranges and rebuilds your icon cache, (or using tweak ui to force rebuild funny looking icons) :slight_smile:

  • maybe a drobo or other raid device uses 1 drive more than others, and only accesses the others less often as needed? if so, that might account for the fact that one of your drives had a higher propotion of LCC’s to the others?[hr]
    (i also agree that firmwares are often very fiddely, often requiring a direct connection to bios hardware, and bootdisks).
    desktops are much easier, but how many laptop users these days feel comfortable ripping their keyboard and laptop apart just to try and get to the motherboard :slight_smile:

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