How do I check how much warranty I have left? For some reason I was thinking it was in Drobo Dashboard but I dont see it any more.

DRI removed the DroboDashboard expiration info with version 1.5.1 release and made that a free software. I received my Drobo late last month and I was wondering abt the expiration & loyalty of the software but DRI Tech Support was quick in reply & had all my questions resolved. Back to the warranty issue, should based on the date sold on the invoice. 1 yr or 2 yrs depends on within or outside the States.

That’s right. 1 year (US and Canada) or 2 year (EU) from date of purchase for Drobos.
2 years for DroboPro.

Jennifer, is there a convenient way to send in a list of Drobo serial numbers and get confirmation of the warranty expiration dates? I would hate to have one of my five warranties lapse (and DRI go without my upgrade fee!) just because of my poor record keeping skills, especially since the Dashboard used to keep track of such things.

BTW, isn’t it interesting that the EU gets a two year warranty, but the US and Canada only gets one year? Sounds to me as though our legislators ought to do a better job of protecting the consumer!

@suiteB, this is how I deal with the problem of remembering dates. I have a label maker. I print the month/year I purchased something and put the label on the product. I do this for generic win, balsamic vinegar, and – believe it or not – Drobos and other electronics.

About “customer care” and other forms of disguising “extended warranties” – I don’t think the company will sell it at a loss, i.e. thinking they will have to replace a $500 Drobo when then insurance is $49 (10%) for a year. So for most electronics – except for notebook computers – I think these plans are just margin sweeteners for the maker. I roll the dice and take my chances.

A friend of mine has a very different view. His living depends on his computer gear. He once scored a new (at the time it was replaced) Dell tower PC because at month 32 of a 36 month warranty period his PC failed. Dell’s tier 1 gave him a run around, and my friend escalated the case. He forced Dell to honor its “next day” replacement guarantee. A new system, with expedited next day shipping, was the only way they could do it.

I would also like to know if there is a way for someone to look up my expiration date on my Drobo?