Warning on drive - timeout??

Came home to my Drobo dashboard noting a warning on my Bay 1. Sent the diags to drobo support (it is only 2 months old, as is the drive).

They told me that the drive had a “timeout”, and if it times out twice, Drobo will consider it failed.

Is this something I should be concerned about? It is still under warranty (both drive and drobo). Is a timeout just a one off thing?


this could be something do to with TLER (something about drives which can do certain things and respond, or not, in a certain way, to raid-like devices, if the drives are not what is known as nas-aware)

conversley, ultimate control over this should in theory be possible just via hardware firmware (of the raid-like device) regardless of what the drive firmware does, (though im afraid i dont know all the specifics involved)

do you happen to have any other info you could post back about that drive?
(some model and firmware into might be found via dashboard, and clicking on a drive bay there too)