Wake-On-Lan how to actually implement?

Hi there,

I searched the forums before asking, but concerning WOL there is funny enough only one thread, which is the feature-request thread (http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1496). Sadly no one (from the drobo team or otherwise) even updated the thread with the “good news” that there is the WOL plugin now for the FS.

Yet now I wonder: Is this really working like what I had with my old Thecus NAS: Getting started-up and shut-down with a press of a button from my laptop? Now there are two big roadblocks:

1). Actually I even do have a program (WOL Magic Packet Sender*) to put all the data in, but the problem is drobo doesn’t provide this data (/I don’t know if it is as simple with a drobo too), so I can’t quickly put this to work.

2). I don’t even know if putting the plugin into the droboApps folder is enough?
There is ZERO documentation about this in general and about the WOL plugin in general!!! Why? This is a fail. Sorry, but just the truth.
Because e.g. I read sth. on the drobo website that you need yet another program to get this working on a Drobo Pro (specifically: dropbear) and now I wonder (after having found named page via Google) what I actually have to do? Has actually ANYONE here implemented WOL for his drobo?

It sucks to always have to press the button, I really wonder how you guys power up your drobo after having it powered down?? O.o

So far, thanks for your help in advance!

PS: Am I noticing this right, I can’t even use “bold” (this is why I have to use CAPS -.-) or embed hyperlinks here? Ridiculous! Please update your forum software! That’s a bit too restrictive!

My answer (probably not what you want to hear): I never power my DroboFS down.

The best it does is to put all disks to sleep (and it is all I need, since I SSH into it all the time).

The wake-on-lan droboapp looks like it’s just the program to send the magic packet to other machines that are asleep on the network. It doesn’t actually put your drobo to sleep or anything. And on my drobofs, it looks like the same functionality is already part of busybox (/usr/bin/ether-wake is just a symlink to busybox) which means you don’t even need the DroboApp to do this.

Ok, so this means this feature like imagined by me and the others in the feature-request thread is still not implemented! :frowning:

For the technical side (busybox etc.) I frankly don’t understand a thing. But that is why I also ask(ed) the drobo support to maybe just provide the necessary details (excluding MAC address, which is individual) to make it possible to set this up myself, if the WOL process would be TECHNICALLY possible from the hardware side of the drobo.

If it isn’t possible hardware-wise, that would be sad of course, having to wait for the next Drobo FS generation.

I ask for clarification here from the drobo team.

Thanks for your understanding.