W7 Drobo unknown user accounts

I have a Drobo and Drobo Share attached to my W7-64bit machine.
Both Drobo’s have the latest firm and software updates, including the dashboard.

Some time ago I (apparently) did something wrong; I don’t know what.

  • DroboShare is mapped to Z: but not according to W7, which displays it as “Disconnected Networkdrive (Z: )”. I cannot disconnect it through the right-click menu (gives the error that the drive is not connected), but neither can I connect it (not in the menu).
  • When I access the Security Properties of the Z: drive it shows me:
    Group or usernames: 1) Everyone; 2) S-1-5-21-…-1000 and 3) S-1-5-21…1001

Number 2 and 3 are listed as unknown. (person icon with question mark)
I cannot remove them, nor can I add another username.

Drobo (Z: ) is accessible, no problem with that. Except that W7 Backup fails.
When I list Z: each root folder has a folder icon with a lock on it, but I can open each folder without problem.

I would like to fix this, but have no idea how.

Would it help to uninstall and install Dashboard?
Do have to backup my data and format Drobo?

Does anyone here has any idea?

Help is welcome!

Have you added or deleted user accounts recently?

Exit Drobo Dashboard (make sure it’s actually exited, and not still running in the tray)

Opening Command Prompt
Run NET USE Z: /DELETE that should remove the mapped drive letter.

Launch Drobo Dashboard again and see if it re-maps the Drobo. If it doesn’t, browse the network and map it to a drive letter manually.

Not that I know about.

I did, but like I said the connection isn’t there. This is the error from the cmd:
“The network connection could not be found.”

On the other hand the following cmd also gives an error:
net use Z: \droboshare\drobo
System error 85 has occurred.

The local device name is already in use."

So mapping it manually doesn’t work either…

Any other ideas?
Thanks for helping out.

Quick Google search finds lots of websites on correcting that Error 85 error message.



Those are all W2K and XP solutions and don’t apply to W7…

When I google with windows 7 added onto my search, it pulls up the same articles and more.

Yes, but that doesn’t mean it contains a solution for W7.
Besides, there are plenty of other scenario’s with the same error message that equally do not apply. I will not try at random.
Thanks for trying to help.

On the other hand, just because it doesn’t list Windows 7, doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t apply either. All depends.
Seems like more and more timing-specific errors are happening in Windows for me in general, with and without Drobo.

OK, I’ve hacked the registry and deleted the key “##DROBOSHARE#Drobo” under the key “MountPoints2”.
I have done this before a month ago, and the results is:
One account has returned: “root (DROBOSHARE\root)”
I still have one “Account Unknown (S-1-5-21-…-1001)” that I cannot change or delete.
More over, if it is a DROBOSHARE<user> I cannot add that because I cannot browse DROBOSHARE user accounts

Could anyone lookup in his/her Windows security tab and tell me what other users are listed by default? (I don’t need to know specific user names)
(RightClick on the mapped droboshare drive, and then the “Security” tab )