VPN setup for FS


New at all this but can anyone advise the best way to set up my FS so that I can access the files from a remote computer not on the same network via the internet?

Either use VPN, or RDP into the computer that the FS is connected to and use it from that remote connection.

Hi, can you describe how to access the DROBO FS by VPN without leaving a computer on. I would like to remotely access the drobo files when only the drobo is on at the office, not any other computer. Thanks very much!

Best option is to use FTP on the drobo. VPN would require a third party setup.

Install PureFTP, and follow the setup instructions on how to change the username and password. Then forward the FTP port on the router to the drobo. Make sure you set the drobo IP as static - either through the drobo system or on your router.

If you have a dynamic public IP, use something like DynDNS to update it to a domain name. If you have a static IP, either simply use that for connection - ie or use a cname record to point a domain name to it, like ftp.google.com.