volumes with access only for one user

Drobo with DroboShare

Is it possible to define volumes on Drobo which give access only to one person to protect the files in it to be manipulated from other persons?

I’m an absolutely newbie in using Drobo an want to set up next days.

Thank you

Yes, you can password protect the access to the shared resources from the DroboShare.
But note that you can only choose between open access or one user/password. You can not create any more advanced access controll.

Thank you - the way you explain is to protect all datas on Drobo with one password - the same for all useres.

Are protected disk-images on Drobo possible (not protected disk-images from each user, which are draged on Drobo as backup-file), which can grow on Drobo?

Thank you for further explanations.

Note that I talk about the possibilites with the Drobo and DroboShare combined.
If you only use the Drobo it’s up to your operating-system and filesystem to regulate how you can handle this.