Volumes Greater Than 16 TB on 1200i

I see that on the release notes for Firmware 1.2.0 that 1200i can support Volume Sizes above 16 TB. I have tried to create such a volume, but the slider will only go to 16 TB And I have a total of 45 TB capacity, with only 16 TB of that used.

I have OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 installed.
I have the Drobo Dashboard 2.5.4 installed (due to the iSCSI Initiator issue). I know that I can upgrade and not lose the initiator–I just haven’t had a reason to do it yet.

Is this inability to create larger volumes due to not having the latest dashboard installed? If so, I am willing to try the upgrade to 2.8.2; I just don’t want to upset the apple cart with the initiator if it’s not going to get me anything.

I should add that we also have a B800i attached; hence my concern with the iSCSI Initiator.

Thanks for any help you can give.


I decided to go ahead and upgrade the Dashboard to 2.8.2.

The iSCSI initiator was apparently not deleted because the B800i came right back up.

I was able to “thin provision” a 64Tb volume, so apparently an upgrade from 2.5.4 is needed to take advantage of the increased volume and pool capabilities.

Just thought I’d let everyone know.


thanks for your info videot