Volume size...

As indicated on https://myproducts.drobo.com/article/aa-01124 the max VOLUME size is now 32TB for the b800i.

I have Reset the unit and tried everything i can think of but cannot get it to allow be a volume over 16TB. i have no issues with my B1200i and have been very happy with my 64tb volume but don’t understand what is preventing me on this b800i.

hi, it might be that you need a newer version of the firmware or dashboard for that. as you have reset, its probably a good idea to upgrade the firmware etc now, before you start putting data on it. (you may have already tried upgrading though if you have not, does it make a difference for you?)

I think you are reading the KB incorrectly.

The B800i only has a 16 TB max volume size. The legacy product table shows that clearly. The maximum addressable storage on the B800i is 32TB - i.e. multiple volumes can access 32TB collectively.

The newly release B810i has a 64 TB max volume size (and a max of 64 TB of addressable storage)



I was not reading it wrong at all this whole article has been changed now!!!

Article “Date Updated: 07/05/2016 06:55 PM” Also if you look at the cached version from google there was an edit on Date Updated: 07/05/2016 06:55 PM"

So Drobo puts false information on the site and instead of admitting to the error they just change the article after a question is asked!

It 100% read exactly as i said when i posted this! amazing!!!

Boooo to Datarobotics!!

Here is the cached version from last week!!


The article, when I looked at it yesterday provided correct information. The old article was incorrect about B800i, which is presumably why it was changed.

At least we now understand why we both saw different info.

The B800i has always supported a max volume size of 16 TiB.

The new B810i supports 64 TiB volumes, and is generally a much more capable unit.



Yes but this does no good when someone buys another unit used based on the info!!! Is Drobo going to give me the money I spent based on their shitty documentation, NOPE!

Im finally fed up with DataRobotics or whatever they call themselves now. I will be getting rid of all my Drobo’s and making sure I NEVER recommend them to anyone!

Anyone want to buy a b800i or a DroboPro?