Volume size in Dashboard

The fixed size choices in Dashboard are really getting on my nerves.

When will we be able to pick sizes other than the current 1,2,4,8,16?

Also, I’d like to pick where Drobo puts the additional space when I add a larger drive.

Drobo has to know they are staring at the edge of the precipice with the 5D/5N + 6TB drives being able to break the 16TB barrier.

I have a 5D with 5x4TB (dual disk) and it’s 80% full.

As soon as I can, I’m ordering 5x6TB Red’s and will migrate the 4TB’s to a Gen3 Drobo.

Haven’t customers with the 800/1200i been clamoring for this feature?

OSX and Windows haven’t had a 16TB limit in years.

hi mgriffin,
what you’re asking for, will be useful for users for sure :slight_smile:

i’m just wondering what sort of objectives or impacts would it have from your perspective in the meantime, if you ended up with an extra drobo volume / drive letter instead of 1 huge one?

eg, with my drobo gen 1, gen2, and drobo-s(gen2),
ive got 2 volumes on each unit, at 2tb per volume
and while ive posted about it before i’ll post it again here for you for completeness…

for me, it gives great benefits as follows:

  • 2tb per volume means if a volume gets corrupt for whatever reason/manual oops etc, its only that (relatively smaller) volume.
  • helps keep compatibility for different computers
  • chkdsks are much quicker
  • full volume virus scans are much quicker.

i’m “not” asking you to justify your request - am just wondering what the main benefits would bring for you so i can understand a bit more :slight_smile:

That’s all true.

It just happens that in my home use of the Drobo’s, I will always need a larger single volume (iTunes library).

I do have Aperture/iPhoto libraries on another volume, but I’m in a situation now where I need to grow just that volume and Drobo can’t do it unless I blow the whole thing away and re-create it.

ah ok thanks for the information,