volume disappeared when upgraded a drive

the other day, we added a 4TB WD Red drive to replace a 2TB WD Green drive. it wasn’t showing any errors, we just needed to upgrade capacity. Our drobo is sliced into several 2TB volumes, and after the new drive was installed and finished the data transfers, one of those volumes seemed to disappear. I can still see it in the dashboard, but it’s not mounted on the computer anymore. Also, in the dashboard it now seems to be renamed from “TimeMachine” to just “Drobo”. It still shows a 2TB capacity and the space used as 1.5TB, which sounds about right.

Any thoughts on why this happened and what to do?

bump. anyone have any thoughts on this?


sometimes (at least on windows), a new volume might not show up, and needs to be given a drive letter with computer management…but in your case, it sounds as though your existing volume has vanished?

have you tried to restart the computer (and or drobo)?