VMware Fusion and DroboPro

Can someone walk me through the steps of accessing the DroboPro via iSCSI, from within Vista or Win7, running on VMware Fusion on my Mac Pro?

So far, I can’t even see the device, even using SMB with an IP address.

Will I get iSCSI interference issues between the two systems? How about data contention/corruption?

The real reason for wanting to try this is to run SyncBackPro on my Mac, in order to synchronize my data.

I’m also going to try the latest ChronoSync, and Executive Sync for the Mac.

DroboPro can only talk to one host at a time. Is your DroboPro still connected to the Mac? If so, you need to share a directory on the Mac and use it that way. Otherwise, we need someone familiar with Fusion.

I suggest that you go the shared disk route from the mac to fusion for sure. I’m not sure that you’d have much luck trying to directly attach via iSCSI (as the vmware fusion NIC’s are at best bridged devices and at worst virtual devices) – but if you want to go that route you would have to make sure that dashboard does NOT launch on a startup of your mac, shut down the macpro and the drobo, boot up the mac pro (making sure dashboard does NOT launch) and then try accessing directly from vmware.

Good luck!

I have the following shared folders in Fusion: /Volumes (also mapped to V: for convenience).
With this ANY volume mounted on the Mac is seen in Fusion, Drobo, NAS all

Gerk has suggested using CrashPlan Pro, which I intended to investigate, as it certainly looks very capable – ven compared to my favorite SyncBackPro.

So I’m going to put my efforts into that task, at least for the moment.

But thanks, manfredell, for the /Volumes suggestion. It might be a little dangerous, especially if the VM becomes infected with a virus, but it would also be very powerful.

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