Vista transfers to Drobo?

I just got a new computer running Vista. My previous computer runs XP Pro. When I transfer a large file to the Drobo from the Vista computer, it runs fine for a while, then halts for 30 seconds or more, then runs fine for a while, then halts, etc. It eventually finishes OK but but takes quite a while.

The same file and the same Drobo, on my older PC, transfers smoothly.

I have a feeling this is Vista doing something to the transfer (that I can shut off if I knew what it was). I thought at first it was Norton Internet Security, so I turned it off and initially it seemed to help, but then the halts continued. Any ideas?

I’ve also discovered I can’t set the Drobo to Standby from the Dashboard in the Vista Computer. When I try, the Drobo disconnects and then nothing else happens. I have to shut down the computer to get the Drobo to go to standby. Works fine from WinXP.

Do you run Vista SP2? If not, upgrade…

Yes. Vista Business SP2 x64. Drobo 1.3.5, dashboard 1.5.1.

Same thing happens to me, and I have 1.5.1 of Dashboard and 1.3.5 Firmware. Strange…


Jennifer? Anyone from Data Robotics? Is this a Drobo firmware issue, or a Vista x64 issue, or something else?

I have not seen these issues on Vista.

I would suggest opening a support case.