Visio Stencil for B1200i

I’m trying to update my server rack Visio diagram to include the pair of B1200i SANs I just purchased by cannot seem to find the Visio stencils.

Where are the Visio Stencils for the Drobo rack mount products? Has no one created them yet? This is pretty important for customers like me. The stencils should include a front and back view, and should have connector points for each network connection at the back of the machine to facilitate creation of wiring diagrams.


hi darren,
i dont remember seeing any here, but the closest thing i think were sets of icons

maybe you can use them in some way, or maybe you can persuade steven to try knocking some up :slight_smile:

I got tired of searching for one, so I created a Visio stencil for the B1200i myself.

Hopefully others can benefit from this:

well done darren :slight_smile: