[VIDEO] - Resource In Use and Advanced Controls Problems

I’ve uploaded a short video to describe how these problems manifest themselves.

The short version is this:

  1. Even after firmware 1.0.4, I am unable to mount shares
  2. Advanced Controls button quickly “grays out” after logging in, preventing you from using the advanced controls functions.


YouTube says the quality will improve after the video is done processing. Right now you couldn’t see my serial number anyway. (You’ll get it after watching the video).[hr]

For the record, in the video you can see a CMD window. I was checking NET USE to see if there was a disconnected drive that I could delete and clear out windows cache, as suggested by Jen the moderator. The only drive it lists is \Drobo-FS\DroboApps. That drive doesn’t even show up in the “Mount” checkbox list anymore. I think it used to in the previous dashboard version.

FYI: Windows 7 x64

Have you opened a support case?

Yes. I went through many days of questions and testing with Chad in support. I stopped short of sending all my application logs, as I was not comfortable with that, but all the standard reboot / disable antivirus / close explorer windows / uninstall - reinstall etc etc did not help. I went for over a week running these tests, and have run out of patience. I am posting it here to see if other people are having this issue and to gather additional input / suggestions.

Chad hadn’t mentioned the NET USE check, which you had recommended on another thread. That was good to check. I didn’t have any straggling Z: drives out there, but at least it was another good thing to check. Thanks for the recommendation, Jen.

Well, about the application logs, those are requested by our senior tech when they need to further investigate issues.

Great idea on using video - seeing what you’re seeing is the next best thing to actually being there.

I’d delete (disconnect) the Y: share as well, just in case Drobo Dashboard is somehow giving preference to Y:

Is your FS connected to a router/switch or directly connected to your NIC card on your computer?

Was that hum in the background coming from your Drobo? or are you in a data center?

LOL, actually that is my computer. I used to have an original Drobo sitting next to it, so it was twice as loud.

The Drobo is connected to a main switch, which is connected to the rest of the house, including the router. I understand about the application logs, I was just personally unwilling to turn them over. I’m sure you will find someone to do it, however.

Thanks, I was wondering that in the back of my mind as well. The strange thing is that I don’t see it in the Dashboard anymore (I used to). I think you guys all still see the DroboApps drive in dashboard with a checkbox, right? I’ll kill it in NET USE and see about going from there.

Do you have the same issues when you directly connect to a NIC card on your computer bypassing your switch?

Are you computers on your network wireless or wired?

Thanks for the responses. I haven’t tried direct connect. I have a MacBook Pro on wireless, the rest of the computers / media consumption devices are wired. I’ll try direct connect tonight. I have a second NIC I can use…

Thanks for the information it helps in our investigation of the issue.