VIA VL805-Q6 USB 3.0

I am attempting to connect my new 5D to a USB 3.0 add in card with little success. The card is a four port VIA VL805-Q6 USB card. I have installed the latest drivers I can find - 6.1.7600.4701. I have also installed the VIA SUB 3.0 SPEEDER utility. My attached Western Digital “My Book 1230” USB 3.0 drive works great. But when I plug in the Drobo my Windows 7 system just beeps and no new USB device shows up. If I go into the device manager and scan for new devices the device manager scans forever. Then if I remove the drobo I get a PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error in WDF01000.SYS.

The drobo works flawlessly on USB 2.0 but is rather slow when I know I have a nice 3.0 interface ready and able…

5d is the worst piece of pc related equiptment I have ever come across mine has never connected not even once correctly then been used then shut down afterwards I have had a support question open more than 4 months now still no real answers all thats really been suggested as a fix is check the drivers multiple diag files repeated questions I have already answered when it comes to windows 7 64 bit & usb3 drobo 5d just plain don’t work believe me you are not the only one pulling your hair out having purchased the expensive piece of junk

OK. I have installed an IOGear GIC320U USB3.0 adapter. The Drobo 5D is operating at USB3 speeds and is seen fine by the PC now.

Glad to hear the card swap seems to have fixed your issue.

I wonder what feature of the other card the Drobo didn’t like.

I don’t know what is different and drobo staff doesn’t seem interested in finding out. I was perfectly willing to work with them on debugging the original card but didn’t get a very professional response from the support staff. Oh well…

My understanding is Drobo only has one software engineer working on the development side. Not terribly encouraging, to be sure.