Very slow transfer from PC, fast from others

I’ve had my Drobo FS for a few days now. I’ve currently got 5 500GB WD HDDs in it. One of my desktop PCs running Win7 has a very slow transfer speed around 2MB/s. Another one of my desktops, also on Win7 has the normal 20-25MB/s. Also, transferring from another NAS on the network averages about 22MB/s. All PCs have gigabit NICs connected to a gigabit switch. The internet connection is coming into the switch via a 10/100mbps router.

My only conclusion is that somehow the drobo is routing data from my PC through the router which is slowing it down by about 10x. Any way to find out? How to fix (short of buying a gigabit router)?



You could unplug the router and just use the switch. For testing network speed an internet connection is not necessary. Even vor 10/100 mbps 2 MB/s seems slow.

More likely it’s an iffy network cable.

ping ip address -n 100
and see if you have any packet loss. You shouldn’t have any.

Also check what Windows is reporting the connection speed as. It might not be connecting at GigE if the network cable isn’t up to par.

Or perhaps the quickest check would be to swap network cables between the slow Win7 PC and the slow one.