VERY slow, no Capacity Guage. (Was: Adding a drive with existing data?)

I could not find a direct answer to this, but I ASSUME this is not possible.

So, if I have a drive with existing data on it, can I add it to the Drobo without losing that data? I assume this will format the drive as soon as I plug it in, so instead I would have to copy it all over first.

The problem is the speed. I’m on a V2 Drobo, and the firmware is updated. To copy around 800GB’s of data, it’s telling me 36 hours? Can this be correct?

Yes, the data will be erased. So, you have to transfer ur data to another Drobo or storage but 30+ hrs for 800GB, hummme, you must not be using USB3.0 or eSATA but USB2.0 still doesn’t take that long. R U sure U r not using USB 1.0 interface?

It’s on a unibody MacBook pro, most certainly USB 2.0. I get the same speeds with FireWire 800 as well. It comes in bursts. It will start copying quickly, then drop to a crawl. I thought maybe one of the drives are going bad, even though the Drobo says they are fine. I also ran disk utility, tech tool pro, and disk genius on it, and they allnday the drives are fine.

It seems there is clearly sometng wrong.

Can U try to copy some files (Say 5GB or 10GB) onto the Drobo v2 and see it will still take hours? Where is that drive w/ the 800GB data located?

The drive is on a shelf 3 feet from the Drobo, both connected to USB ports on the Mac itself, not a hub. When I copy a 10 GB file, it starts going quickly, and copies about 600 or 700 MB in seconds, then it drops to a crawl, and the time starts to slowly rise by minutes. As it copies, it could have bursts of speed from time to time, but it’s not at all consistent, other then consistently slow.

A 251 MB file just took me 4 minutes to transfer using FW 800. That’s really bad.

Here are some more details…

I also just noticed that none of the Capacity Gauge lights work on the front. When I reboot the Drobo, they cycle, but don’t show up when mounted. I reformatted the entire Drobo, and it does the same thing. 15GB file was copying and it said it was to take 3 hours. THe capacity Gauge lights still didn’t work. All 4 drive check out as “OK.”

This is what’s inside…

(Drive 1) 2.0TB - WD20EADS
(Drive 2) 1.0TB - WD10EADS
(Drive 3) 1.0TB - WD10EADS
(Drive 4) 1.0TB - WD10EADS

How much data is on the Drobo? To get one light you would need 1/10 of 3TB with that setup (the 2TB is used for redundancy and expansion and you get 3x1TB for data).

Spiney, I figured this out this morning when I actually copied data last night. It’s such an obvious thing, that data actually needs to be on the drive for the capacity gauge to light up, I feel like an idiot for missing that. haha

As far as the speed, I figured it out. I had 2 bad drives that the Drobo was seeing as healthy. I took all the drives out, and tried to set them up individually as external separate drives, and during the individual format process, two of the drives too 10 to 15 minutes each to format. I rebuilt the Drobo leaving those two drives out, and then my copy speed was MUCH faster, where it should be. 400 GBs took about 6 hours through USB from an external to the Drobo using the Mac.

I seriously wish there was an easier way to test each drive using the Drobo. This was a nightmare, and if the drives are full, this will be BRUTAL to do the way I did it.

In the future, if you have a performance problem start a support case and send a diagnostic log with it. They will be able to tell you if you have a bad drive that’s causing severe performance issues. I went through this last year. In my case the drive is working fine as a backup to the Drobo, via an eSata dock. And the performance is fine, exactly the same as a similar drive when in the same dock. Don’t ask me how :slight_smile:

Thanks Neil, I will certainly do that in the future. It’s a shame that their diagnostic log wasn’t viewable, or should I say, understandable? haha

Yes, it is a shame. Don’t forget to renew your Drobocare next year :-). Without it, as you can see, you are SOL.

sol? :slight_smile:

Yes, SOL. Because next year he will have a couple of terabytes in your Drobo. And as he understands, it is not very practical to remove drives one at a time and reformat them and play with them to try to figure out which is bad. What he doesn’t know yet is that it takes about 60 hours to relay each drive. Without DRI reviewing the logs I have no idea how, for example, I would have ever figured out I had a bad drive when I had my performance problem.

And that leads to what happens when DRI no longer offers support, as I believe is the case now for your V1, or will be when your Drobocare expires if you have it covered now. That’s an ugly little detail I addressed in a different thread yesterday.

Great :frowning:
Up to now, we had Drobo too sensitive to “bad” drives (non-TLER issues ?) and now we have Drobo not sensitive enough to very slow drives…

I agree with NeilR : it all comes down to an unreadable user-UNfriendly log.
Difficult to accept on Drobo V1/V2, definitely unacceptable on anything more expensive with “professional” pretensions…

BTW, what were the 2 faulty drives ? Was the WD20EADS part of them ?

No, the 2 bad drives were both WD10EADS. I picked up the Drobo and all the drives installed second hand, so I took a chance on it, but for the price I paid, well, let’s just say all the drives were free, and then some. The best part, I looked up the serial numbers, and they are still under warrantee, so off the bad drives go back to WD.

ouch, how can we find out when our drobocare runs out? i should be able to renew again i think though
(the rightclick-on windows icon > about, shows serial numbers but thats all)


Dashboard used to display the DroboCare termination date. I got an email but I would call tech support to verify the renewal date.

I talked to a DroboCare rep today and asked him about Drobo V1. He told me he “thought” that regardless of date purchased Drobo V1 owners could renew for consecutive 3 years. I pressed but could not get a straight up yes or no on that. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

I probably spent an hour or more talking to two reps about these issues, and trying to impress upon them how negatively I felt about the idea of a storage box with no diagnostic feedback with a maximum 4 year support cycle and then tough luck.

I will say this… if you see an announcement for a 12 bay Elite, check Dashboard to see if there is an update. You may get a pleasant surprise.

Perhaps I’m just lucky, but I actually got a phone call from rep to renew my DroboCare, and I did so.

You can see the end date for registered DroboCare by logging in to your support portal. It’s under My Profile, where you get a list of all your registered products.