Very Slow Drobo

I have a very slow usb2.0 drobo and I need a way to get it running smooth again.
Here are the symptoms:

Takes a long time to boot. There is a single green flashing light and after five minutes, the hard drive appears on the os x desktop

The dashboard says the drobo is about 70% full (1.90 TB used & 836.93 gb free). There are 7 / 10 blue lights on the drobo active
Right clicking on the drobo icon and doing ‘get info’. It says the drobo is 2TB and has 95 gigs remaining

Any reasons why it is running so slow?


Are you up to date on your firmware and dashboard?
Plugged into a back USB port on your computer?

I would definitely recommend a repair disk from disk utility.

Hi Jennifer, I just updated the firmware and it then it automatically split the drobo into 2 volumes… which seems to have fixed the problem.
Thanks for your help!!