Very poor exchange policy / customer support

Hello everybody,

I’m posting this to find out if anyone else has suffered from a similar incident:

Last week I purchased a Drobo S 5TB bundle from the online store. I set up my Drobo, inserted the drives, format them (all show green), but when I initiate my first Time Machine backup the Drobo starts rebuilding halfway through the backup and ejects from my Mac. Upon Drobo reboot one the 1TB WD drives which were part of the bundle shows up as faulty. I contact Drobo support in order to exchange the faulty drive for a replacement one, only to be notified that they don’t take responsibility for the faulty drive they sold to me and that I’m on my own to go through WD’s warranty replacement process in order to get a replacement drive!!

WTF!!! Drobo is my vendor - they sell me a drive that doesn’t work and then refuse to exchange it? Even Best Buy is better than that! Did anyone else ever have this experience? Or is this an isolated customer service screw-up? Any advice is highly appreciated!


I think I’ve heard other people complain about that here.

I also think they are suggesting to you that instead of buying the drives from them at $100 a pop, you should buy them from Newegg (or just about anyone else for that matter) at about $60 each, with a 30 day return privilege.

WD has a good transhipment system that will get you a new drive for $6 postage (more or less), including a prepaid return label. It worked well for me when I had a bad drive and I got my replacement drive within just a couple of days. You’ll have to register the drives first in their warranty registration system.

Yeah WD is great for sending new drives for broken ones. Its not that complicated just contact them and theyll fix the problem. It’s understandable that its this way because the warrenty is through WD and not drobo.

I think that if you are sucker enough to pay the markup for the drive and buy through DROBO, they should take care of the service for you as part of what you paid for.