Ventura fix ? when?

So got an email stating its going to be incompatible ? so anyone on BETA confirm how incompatible it is? Is Drobo planning to fix this? despite being Chap 11 right now ?


that’s hardly a no for ever… just for now…

Why won’t Drobo comment on when they think a Ventura fox might be likely. Should we all be looking for alternatives now ?

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You could migrate to a PC

Do yourself a favor and migrate to another NAS platform ASAP. I saw the writing on the wall two years ago when a bug between a new version of Plex for Drobo and a Drobo firmware update wiped out all my data TWICE. I jettisoned my Drobos and moved to QNAP devices after that and I’m still kicking myself for not having done so earlier.

If you’re still using a Drobo to back your data up, you’re living on borrowed time.