Ventura compatibility on Drobo 5N

Hey guys,

does the macOS Ventura incompatibility also affect the network-attached Drobos?
I have a Drobo 5N running and access it via SMB/NFS. Does this access also break when updating to Ventura?

I can hardly imagine because if - then something must be broken with the protocol-implementation or is it?

Thanks for your help!

Just to inform everybody who has this question. I found and upgraded to Ventura today. My Drobo 5N and the Drobo Dashboard without any issues up til now.

This is on a MacBook 14" M1 Pro.

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I upgraded to Ventura with my Drobo 8D and no issue. I am not sure why the scare tactic email that went round, but no issue and working as before.

I have the 5N2 and no issues with Mac OS 13.x

Running latest firmware on both the Dashboard and on the Drobo.