Value too large for defined data type


I’m getting is this message when trying to either ls within a directory or when I try and delete it.

/mnt/DroboShares/Drobo1/home/david/Documents/20090608/My Virtual Machines/webserver $ ls -l ls: ./Windows XP Professional-000001-cl1-flat.vmdk: Value too large for defined data type

Also I have noticed when I move an 8Gb file onto my Drobo it seems to crash :(.

I have asked this question on the original DroboSpace and was told to look into Busybox but Im only a n00bie and I also read that a user bricked a Drobo share by playing about with the Busybox stuff!

I’m using Multifolders and a lot of family documents on my drobo I don’t really have another area to store it all to so I dont really want to have to format it or anything :confused:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


busybox has issues dealing with large files as well as the file system depending on the one you chose to format your drives with. I use the bash and coreutils droboapps to get the full binaries rather then the compact stripped busybox.

How have you formatted the drives? If its FAT then you cannot have singled files of 4gig its the restriction of the drive formatting not drobo.


Inc - How do I do that? Could you point me to some websites that would show me how to do it? or a step by step :slight_smile:

garethi - Its ext3 (or what ever the file system is when you use the droboshare)



DroboShare can use FAT32, NTFS or EXT3, so you’ll still need to find out.