Using Plex on a Drobo 5N

I am using Plex Media Server on the internet (have my Movies on a Dorbo 5N and FS). Using several Mac computers and the problem is universal. I am not necessarily talking about the Plex app on Drobo. I can access my movies on the 5N but NOT the FS. Shares are mounted on both. But when I choose a movie on the FS, it says “unavailable” so I refresh and the “unavailable” goes away, but when I try to play the movie, it says I should be sure the media is mounted and the movie is available. Repeating this process for the same movie produces the same results. I must be missing a setting in Plex. When I look at the path names that are in there, I don’t seem to see the “parent” DroboFS. Does anyone know the path and the sequence of menus I need to go through to make Plex “see” the Drobo FS? Would greatly appreciate a response. Thanks in advance.

Are you running the Plex Server on the 5N, or a PC with UNC paths to your media files? Have you also tried the Plex forums.

Your description is confusing - what system are you running the Plex Media Server on, and how have you mounted the FS? That will help for starters.