Using Intego with Drobo FAIL???

First let me say that I burn all originals to externals and house them off site.

I use a Drobo to store most of my working file for my Photography Studio. I love it. I found Intego from Lacie when I bought a 3TB lacie to back up my Drobo on a nightly basis. This is where my story begins…

We had a lightning storm yesterday and I took the precaution to unplug all my computers. Well I came back into my studio this morning and I found that my Lacie was empty and Intego Backup manager pro that I purchase form Lacie is now backing everything up from my Drobo to my lacie and it will take 3 days. this means that for three days my files are not backed up.

This is the 3rd time this has happened to me. What am I doing wrong. It seems like the files would still be on the drive even if the drive gets powered down.

I hope this is just a preference I can fix in Intego. Looking for any help or other recomendations for a backup software solution for Drobo on a nightly basis.


I guess this is Mac. What was your shutdown sequence?

First I set the Drobo to Standby then eject Drobo. Second I eject the Lacie then shut the computers down and unplug them. Pretty simple and straight forward.


All as it should be. The only thing I could think of with the Lacie was filesystem corruption caused by a funky shutdown.

It has all been worked out. Thanks for the input.

What did you find?