Using Freeagent Drive With Drobo

The other week one of my 2 TB drives went bad. I had a 2tb Freeagent external drive sitting around so I ripped it open, reformatted the drive and replaced the bad drive with it. All seemed well with the Drobo (it’s a version 2).

Unfortunately, the time required to relayout my data keeps going up. It’s up to 146 hours left and keeps going up, while flashing green and orange the whole time.

I have 3.65 TB of data used on 2 2tb drives and 2 1.5tb drives. Should this be taking this long? I’ve tried following Drobo’s suggestions for restarting this process but it didn’t help - it simply restarted and kept taking longer and longer. Is there anything wrong with taking a drive out of a Freeagent and reusing it (I think it was a WD Green Power).

using that drive should be fine

are you using drobo at all - using your drobo can dramatically increase rebuild time

Isn’t FreeAgent the Seagate brand? I doubt that you pulled a WesternDigital disk, but wonders never cease.
I have used a Seagate drive from an external FreeAgent drive and placed it in the Drobo and used it. It worked fine.
Your times may increase for awhile until it settles down. And if you are accessing the Drobo at all, as Docchris points out, then that ETA will increase dramatically.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I don’t think anything else is accessing the Drobo - it’s on a MacMini that’s pretty much a dedicated music server. The hours remaining went down near 100 and now is back up to 129, so I guess I’ll just wait it out and hope it’s done by the time my son graduates high school.

The drive very well could have been another drive (not WD). I thought I remembered the writing on the drive was green, but I could be wrong or it could be a Seagate drive with green writing.

My Drobo has both Seagates and Western Digitals in it. Not only do both brands work just fine, but somehow they even cooperate in the same Drobo.
(I’m afraid to tell the WD’s that Seagate bought Samsung, though. That could lead to “sectorian violence.”)

I don’t want to be around when things come to a “head”! :slight_smile:

seagate bought samsung?
interesting news

well WD bought hitachi