Using Drobo S for Multi Computer Time Machine

I just got my Drobo S set up on my Mac Pro and did a single 16TB volume. I would like to set time machine up on this machine and two others to use the Drobo (shared on the Mac Pro) as a Time Machine backup.

Is there a way to do this reliably?

I read that I can create a sparse bundle to limit the size of the backup but I’ve also read that Time Machine restore doesn’t work as it’s supposed to when used this way.

Any help is appreciated.



I gave up on TM on the Drobo and went with a separate external drive. To use TM on the Drobo you need to dedicate a fixed sized partition when you set it up, and I didn’t want to re-initialize the device. TM resizes its sparse bundle to fill the space. At one point you could stop that from happening, but not any more (unless it has changed again since the last time I tested a few months ago).[hr]
On an unrelated note, did you get the sonnet e2p and does it work fine with the Drobo under OSX?