Using Drobo Gen3 as a server drive


I have a small Win7 p2p set up in my office with just 3 workstations. The only reason I have a second & third workstation is for program testing & debugging.

For most of what I do, speed is not critical. I write multi-user apps using M$ Visual FoxPro 9 w/sp2.

What I would like to do is set up a Drobo as a shared USB drive off one workstation and use it as a pseudo server drive.

Is it reasonable to assume that this would work? Data files are all small as are the executables.

Should I expect latency with 3 users?


Thank you.

Just setup multiple folders. One for each WS and then one for the server. You can password protect the folders if you have multiple users.

It’s perfectly possible to use Drobo this way but at the same time hard to judge whether it’ll suit your particular use case. If you intend to use it for an application developers’ workspaces and build directory, I’d say I wouldn’t opt for that personally. This kind of usage basically begs for a fast local SSDs given the nature of the software build process. I’d definitely build locally and use Drobo as a version control system’s repository and/or backup storage.

Thanks for the reply. This is most likely the route I’ll take. I just need to test file/record locking in a multi-user environment.

I was all set to buy a Drobo 6, maybe, 7 years ago but the gui was too flaky. I am hoping by now those problems are long gone.

I received my Drobo, followed the setup instructions and tried 3 different PC’s with USB3.0 ports and none of the PC’s would discover the Drobo. I was given multiple things to try from Drobo support, but I suspect the unit was bad. A new one is on its way.

I am really anxious to get one up and running.[hr]

This is exactly how the network and users are configured. I had to hang some sort of NAS or DAS storage on the network since my raid storage decided to die.

Probably if I were totally honest, I would admit that the failing raid storage gives me a good excuse to get something I have wanted for years :slight_smile: