using drobo for email

Hi has anyone used Drobo as an email storage facility?

Are there any apps that would allow drobo+droboshare to be used as an email server?

I never had any replies to my original query but quite a few views - does noone else want to use drobo for email? Has anyone ever used it for this purpose and if so how did they set it up?

appreciate any assistance…

I have been thinking about using the DroboFS to pull down all my email from GMail, as a backup.

Unfortunately, too much work and not enough free time. Sorry.

Otherwise, you could try to cross-compile all the mail-related software, but I have to say that it is not an easy task.

In theory it could work, but the DroboShare’s processor is quite slow, so unless you only get a very tiny amount of mail, it’s probably not going to give you a good experience.

Good point. I do remember that spam filtering software is quite CPU intensive, and therefore will most likely affect the FS’s performance as a whole.

I should qualify that by “quite slow” I mean in comparison to a general-purpose desktop-type CPU. :slight_smile:

My general rule is if it’s run OK on a router, then it’d be OK for FS and Droboshare.

hi just a thought…
what if you ran the mail software on the machine that the drobo is connected to, and simply have the program files (data/database) on the drobo unit?

eg ive installed games on my v1 drobo and they run fine from it, and some of the data files are massive 1gig files which the game has to find parts of, and no glitches there.

this way, your normal machine is the server and when it needs to update the database, or retrieve from it, it connects to the drobo and retrieves/updates it. (havent tried it but in theory it should work)

Running a mail server on the direct-attached machine would work. But a consideration is that Drobo performance suffers when accessing many smaller files - which is usually the nature of mail, unless it’s all in a large database or something.

use instead.