Using Drobo Dashboard w/ device other than Droboshare

Instead of using a Droboshare, I currently have my Drobo connected to a Dockstar/Pogoplug. Is is possible to make the Drobo think it’s a DroboShare and be able to install DroboApps, or am I SOL? Not sure if this will help or not, but I’ve install OpenPogo to the USB port of the Dockstar as well.

no, the apps run on the droboshare, not on the drobo, if you dont have a droboshare, you dont have anything to run the apps on

Can’t I install Apache on the Pogo & run the Drobo webmin from that?

But your apps would still run on the PogoPlug, just like (most) DroboApps run on the DroboShare. The real question is whether the DroboApps (for DroboShare) binaries will run properly on your PogoPlug. Likely not, especially as the Drobo’s mount point may be different.

That’s kinda the big, million dollar question. I would love to convince the drobo dashboard that my pogoplug is actually a droboshare and run the binaries off that instead (esp since droboshare has been removed from the drobo website).

I’ve been in talks with Pogoplug and the guy running PlugApps/PogoBox/OpenPogo, but cannot get a clear answer.

I don’t want to hack the Dockstar/Pogoplug to the point where the entire OS is gone for good and I can no longer use

Would really appreciate if we could get an answer from, well, ANYONE.

I feel like I need to turn to HAK5 for help.

Linux environments vary quite a bit from install to install (even if they’re the same base distro, different packages may be installed).

So… at the very least you’ll probably have to reconfigure some apps. You’ll probably need to recompile some apps to run in the PogoPlug environment. Some apps/features may not run at all, if they have DroboShare-specific dependencies.