Using Drobo Dashboard (or Time Machine) over VPN

Hi everyone,

I fully acknowledge that this most likely has nothing to do with a problem with the Drobo, but I thought I’d ask this community anyway.

I recently put a Cisco WRVS4400N router in as the hub of my home network. One of the things I was most excited about was the built in VPN functionality as it would give me secure access to my Drobo without the need for having any other computer on the network powered on.

The first major issue I hit was the fact that I am predominantly a Mac user. The VPN features of this router are really limited given this fact because Cisco’s QuickConnect software is Windows only.

After much learning about how VPNs work, I was able to successfully connect to my home network from a Mac using an application called IPSecuritas. This utilizes the router-to-router tunnel functionality of the router’s VPN as opposed to simple client accounts.

Now, at this point, I had the pie-in-the-sky dream that both DroboDashboard and Time Machine backups would work after the VPN connection. Sadly, this has not been the case. Drobo Dashboard never finds a device and Time Machine does not see any viable back-up drives on the network. (Both of these things work perfectly with the same computer when on the home network.)

The only way I can get the content on the Drobo is to connect using smb://drobos-ip-address. I can’t successfully connect to it using smb://drobos-name. I imagine that these problems are related.

Has anyone experienced and solved a similar problem? Is this even solvable? Should I just be happy that I can get at my data and ignore the other things?

Thanks for reading. :)[hr]
So funny story. Problem solved!

After making this thread I looked at these forums more and discovered I can tell Drobo Dashboard to look at a specific IP address. This got Dashboard working!

Then! Even more excitedly! If I have Drobo Dashboard mount the Time Machine share… Time Machine then finds it. Hurray!

I’m happy.

I could give you a long technical explanation but it can be summarized to this:

  1. No, the Drobo Dashboard won’t see your Drobo ever, unless you pull some pretty heavy weight network engineer voodoo.

  2. Time Machine won’t work either, but for different reasons. It might be easier to pull this one off, but it still involves some serious networking voodoo.

  3. The name resolution issue is related to why the Drobo Dashboard won’t see the Drobo. Again, it can be done, but it is something of a pain in the b*** to setup.