Using Drobo as temp map for downloading via Emule


Whenever I start or quit Emule, I get loads of errors on temp files that are stored on my FS.
It takes hours and hours to rehash files at startup and Emule becomes almost completely non responsive.
Every couple of minutes I get corrupted parts in files that Emule needs to restore.
Once all rehashing is done (after initial startup), Emule works like 90% as it should with the exception of the corrupted parts.
On all other external devices I’ve used in the past this never happened.
Load on desktop/laptop is couple % cpu and 20-100MB mem, which is normal.

Somehow the way Drobo places bits and bytes is making Emule crumble.

Maybe I should just switch to Torrent but I’d rather not.

Drobo doesn’t do well with small I/Os. But since FS uses network I/O, it’s even more going down the network pipe.