Using Copy to access ALL files on Drobo 5N remotely?

we recently upgraded from two 1st and 2nd gen Drobo DAS devices to a Drobo 5N. All data is copied and setup and works.

My forum searches didn’t return the desired results, and the documentation on how to setup Copy as app on the Drobo 5N left me with a few question marks. In case the following questions have been asked, my apologies and I would be grateful of you could forward me to the answers! (end of disclaimer… ;-))

I would like to setup Drobo 5N so I can remotely access all files and backups on the device. We have currently around 7TB of data, and there is no affordable cloud plan for that amount of data (yet). I saw that Copy might be able to do that with a free account- but what I didn’t fully understand is:

a) can I make ALL data on the drobo 5n available for remote access?
b) can I do that without mirroring any data to the cloud?
c) if yes to a and b, what’s the easiest way to achieve this? :stuck_out_tongue:

So before I start messing around with renaming folders and copying files, I’d love to hear from you knowledgable people out there! Thanks in advance!

hi, there might be a way if the 5n is plugged into a computer which is always on, though am not sure about this but please hang in there as there are several users with more app experience who may be able to help.

The owncloud DroboApp will let you access data on your 5N remotely - you’ll need to open a hole in your firewall to access the Drobo remotely. They have web access support and tablet support too.

In its default configuration it provides access to any public shares.

BitTorrent_Sync can also be used to provide remote access, although that’s not its primary function.

Note that the Barracuda Copy app is no longer actively supported by Barracuda on Drobo 5N



Funnily I only saw that Copy isn’t supported anymore AFTER I posted the initial thread. Sorry for that- Drobo still have the manual online.

Many thanks to all of you so far though!

I will try with a combination of owncloud and crashplan I guess. Let the research beginn anew! Pff…

Maybe the newly available 5N firmware and DroboAccess would do what you want to accomplish?

see: DroboAccess Enables SSL Encrypted Remote File Access for Drobo 5N and B810n