Using 5N and DroboShare together?


I have an iMac running Mojave, a 5N connected via ethernet, and a newly-initialized DroboShare (that I’d had connected to a Windows PC and that my Macs couldn’t see/use. I reformatted for Mac OS and confirmed that my MacBook Pro would mount it and that I could access it; I didn’t create any folders or files after re-initializing it). I cannot get the iMac to see both Drobos concurrently. If I connect the DroboShare via USB, the 5N disappears. If I let the DroboShare connect wirelessly, well it doesn’t appear in Finder. Worse, the 5N appears under Network (in Finder), which has never done. I’m at a complete loss about what to do next so I can use the DroboShare to backup the 5N. Any ideas?