User Interface

I know that there is numerous comments on here comparing the Drobo FS software to other NAS devices on the market but I thought I would ask the question to you all: Do you think the guys at Data Robotics realise their shortcomings and are likely to vastly improve the software that the Drobo FS comes with?

I would love a representative to come on the forum to tell us either way but know that this is EXTREMELY unlikely!

Alternative, I wonder how easy it would be to rip off (disclaimer: I am not suggesting or recommending that this is done :slight_smile: ) a competitors software to put onto a FS.

Well, let’s just say that a “friend” has been looking at Synology’s DiskStation Manager, and the problem is two fold:

  1. There is no source code access to it. That is a bummer, but I, I mean, my “friend” was willing to dissect the firmware to get at least the binaries. Library dependencies could be easily compiled wherever needed.

  2. Unfortunately, the Synology devices that run DSM are not ARM-based, but Intel-based (as far as I can tell). Therefore the binaries are kind of useless for a Drobo.

Did you have any specific competitor in mind?

Your ‘friend’ seems to be looking into this quite thoroughly…pity it seems to have hit a (very big) stumbling block!

The two units I was thinking was either the Synology, as i have seen the comparison on here and based on that, I have recommended that my work purchased one or the QNAP software, which I havent witnessed firsthand but seems to be similar features