User Interface - ctorrent

Is a graphics User interface applications exists for ctorrent. I realy find it difficult to use the command line in order to user the command.
Why don’t Drobo build a user interface applications for it, same as Buffalo hard disks. it makes life easier and removes guess work for the commands.
I realy had to struggle in order to understand hwen someone says “just ssh” to the server. I come from Windows background and I am not used to these commands. I mean why should I worry about running apache and ssh and other apps? this should be given to us in a friendly user interface application.
Any commercial application available? I am ready to buy it even if its beta version.

Transmission, buddy! I had the same “issues” with cTorrent (mainly, me not being a unix junkie). I luckily found THIS THREAD during my early adaption, and it has been heaven ever since.

You can choose from using your browser to control the deamon, or you may use the TRANSMISSION GUI. Either way, it’s a very nice.

Thanks man… this is great… it worked from the first time installation. where can I find more apps like for drobo?