Usenet Bundle Drobo Apps (CouchPotato,Headphones,Sabnzbd,Sickbeard)

This is a collection of the most used Usenet applications.

Drobo does not endorse the use of any specific third party app; all such
apps are subject to the conditions imposed by their respective developers.

The collection includes:

CouchPotato []

Headphones []

Sabnzbd []

Sickbeard []

Before installing any of the Usenet Drobo Apps within Drobo Dashboard the following App(s) must be installed, failing to do so will prevent the Usenet Drobo Apps from starting:

This is a core dependency, the Usenet Drobo Apps will fail to start if this is not found.

For more information on how to manually install a Drobo App, please read the instructions at the following link:

Because this is a community supported App, this thread should be used to provide feedback and any improvements.

Thanks. As mentioned in another forum post I already discovered the Python dependency, but wasted quite a lot of time and frustration in doing so. Is there any way the apps themselves within Dashboard can flag that dependency, and can Python itself also be added as an installable app in Dashboard?

It certainly should be fixable - Plex has a private copy of python inside its DroboApp. That said, at least a rudimentary dependency system should be in place for anything that installs Linux-based software.

This may be entirely the wrong area for this post, but is there an openVPN tutorial available? I feel like that is very relevant to the usenet/torrent scene. Just having the drobo connect through openVPN.

I have PrivateInternetAccess as my provider, and they provide some config files. I could probably rig up the tutorial once i figure it out for myself. the private internet access client has some settings that it would be nice to change, if i can figure out where to do that from.