Used Space countdown?

Here’s what happened:

4x1.5TB Seagate Green (5900rpm ones). There is about 2.5GB full. Then one drive fails. Drobo keeps going right along (good). I yank the bad drive send it back to seagate for a replacement.

So I have:
all blue lights full (and drobo dashboard popping up critical low space warnings)

I pop in the replacement from seagate and I see:
all blue lights full
Drobo dashboard shows:
0B free space in the pie chart
1.5TB + 1.5TB +1.5TB + 1.5TB = 6TB (5.45 TB actual)
2.69 TB available for data (blue)
0 B reserved for expansion (purple)
1.39 TB used for protection (grey)
2.44GB overhead
Advanced Controls show:
“Replace Hard Drive” in red
1.5TB Green
1.5TB Green
1.5TB Red
1.5TB Green

I formatted it for 16TB in case 4TB drives ever become available. So the funny things are:

  1. Lights on the front are the same after I pop in the new drive(GGRG)…what gives?
  2. Advanced controls on dashboard seem to think the new drive merits a red color…what gives?
  3. Used space is counting down from 16TB down to about 4TB then starts over again at 16TB then slowly counts down again. I’ve watched it a couple of times and it just seems to repeat.
  1. I suspect its related to your free space relative to the size of the array

  2. have you tried rebooting drobo? Sometimes this is the trick to kick starting the rebuild

  3. this sound unusual…

Are you running the latest dashboard and firmware?

Try running the operating systems disk check on the partition

Yes, reboot drobo. When removing and replacing a drive, drobo should have gone into relayout.

Did it go into relayout?