Used 5n

Hi all. I was hoping for a bit of advice. I was looking at a [color=#000000]used Drobo 5n for sale[/color] on eBay. It has 2x1TB Western Digital Hard drives. Assuming that it is in the condition described in the listing (as new) what would be a reasonable price to bid up to do you think? The listing states that it has only been powered up the once so I don’t anticipate there being any problems with it, if the seller is being truthful. But has anybody else bought second hand before and had any problems. Thought it best to ask before I put a bid on. Thanks in advance.

hi chuckn,
am not sure how much more time you have on it, but maybe have a look the sellers feedback ratings (and data ranges of feedback to see if they are seen as good, or if they are getting bad % values etc. maybe if they had sold similar items, or computers, or even other blank drives that got a “good and working great” feedbacks, then theres a higher chance of a success story).

i guess the main things to consider though, are whether you specifically need a networked model… because you could probably get a Das model, brand new, for maybe half the price of a NAS model… (when i got my gen2 das from amazon years ago, they even included a droboshare)

and also to note that if you got it 2nd hand (so to speak), you would probably be out of support, and need to factor that in should you encounter any issues etc down the line.

it also depends on the price you would be willing to pay, and how much you wish to spend in total, for example, it may just be that the previous user bought it, and later realised they wanted a different model, or they bought it for use temporarily for a project, and then didnt need it anymore, and maybe getting it for half the cost of a new one might be ok with you.

(off the top of my head, if someone had a fully working das drobo 2nd hand, like a 4bay gen3 for £100 or a 5bay 5d for £250-300 it would probably be a good bargain, even £200 for a drobo-s-gen2.)