Use existing Time Machine sparse bundle with new iMac

I have a DroboFS and I have been using it to backup an old iMac using the included Time Machine support.
In order to do that I created a Time Machine enabled share on my DroboFS and I pointed OSX to that network share. Time Machine created a sparse bundle image inside the network share and all the backups were saved within this sparse bundle image. So far so good.

Now I sold the old iMac and I got a brand new iMac.

I would like to continue using the same sparse bundle image as a target of my Time Machine backups.
The main reason to do that is to retain the history of my backups without duplicating the space required to store them on my DroboFS.

I found a couple of how to on the web to achieve that:

It seems that when the MAC address of the network card changes, Time Machines treats your backup data as another entity.
In the above how to they explain how to re-associate your backups with your new MAC address.
The problem is that they do not explain it for a DroboFS. They give the instructions for a Time Machine backup hosted on a USB drive or hosted on a Time Capsule.
When following the instructions I do not find the following file on my Time Machine share hosted on my DroboFS:
(Where 00:f9:e8:d7:c6:b5 is my old iMac network card MAC address).

Is there someone that can help me?

My setup:
DroboFS 1.0.5 [4.21.30255]
DroboShare 1.7.3 [1.7.30095]
Mac OS X 10.6.5 [10H574]

I’m not sure you’ll be able to get the Time Machine working with the same sparsebundle – I’d imagine a lot of files will be different and I don’t know how it determines which files to back up…

On my Time Machine share, the .xxxxxxxxxxxx file is there but it’s not easy to see. By default, OS X hides files beginning with a period. If you open Terminal and navigate to the directory where your Time Machine share is mounted, then run “ls -la” you’ll see the file. You can run "mv " to rename the file.

Dear thepol,
thank you for your message.

I already tried to use the terminal (ls -al) command in order to see the content of my Time Machine share.
Unfortunately in my case the .xxxxxxxx file is not there.

Rello, i had the same issue and just gave up and deleted the sparsebundle and started fresh. horrific feeling but there wasn’t enough info out there on how to resolve it.